The Common Areas Where One Can Get a Pharmacist

imagesA pharmacy is a place where one goes to get healthcare services and where one can buy drugs over the counter. Pharmacies have increased the accessibility of healthcare services since they are widespread unlike hospitals where one has to take long distances to get one. A pharmacist is the person who works in a pharmacy. These people play a big role in providing quality healthcare since they are professionals in medicine. They use the clinical expertise in conjunction with their practical knowledge to enhance safe use and supply of drug to the public.

Registration of a pharmacist with the general pharmaceutical council and an experience of at least a year under the control of an experienced and qualified pharmacist are compulsory for a pharmacist to be qualified. Pharmacist works either in hospitals or in community pharmacies.

Some pharmacists work in a hospital pharmacy where they play an important task in taking care of the patients. These people manage caseloads and give treatment programs to all patients for they work s as a multi disciplinary team. They also specialize in many clinical areas such as pediatric, cardiology, respiratory medicine and critical care.

imagesOther pharmacists work for the society in community pharmacy. These pharmacies are found in premises on local streets all over the country. In these, they prepare and give out prescribed and non-prescribed drugs. A community pharmacist also gives advice on the usage of the medicines given out and highlights the likely side effects of the same. They also helps a patient decide on whether to visit a doctor or not depending on the illness since they asks the patient a range of questions. The questions session is also done before giving out medicine when patient asks for medicine, which does not need a prescription making them reliable. Pharmacists also give advice on common problems such as pains, coughs, aches and healthy eating. Community pharmacies have been improved through private consultation areas where one can comfortably talk to the pharmacist with confidence about even the most personal symptoms.

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